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SamSam Super Cosmic Games

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SamSam Super Cosmic Games. 9 educational and brain games of logic, speed and memory. App for kids ages 5 to 8.To become a cosmic hero with SamSam, complete all three levels of each game while improving your score!For children ages 5-8.
- Successfully complete each game to gain superpowers and unlock the next game. - Improve your score and win super hero badges.- Win the bonus game.
9 different types of games (game of skill, speed, memory). The games vary each time you play them.
Extra stuff:- You can create and save 6 different player profiles- Game play and navigation adapted for children. - Games become progressively more difficult.- A high-quality graphic world.- Includes the characters from the animated series.
The nine games:
MISSION 1 – IMPROVE YOUR SPEEDTap on the monsters as fast as possible, but don’t tap on you friends.
MISSION 2 – LEARN TO FLYTouch and hold on the screen to make SamSam fly and avoid the obstacles.
MISSION 3 – BUILD YOUR FLYING SAUCERBuild your flying saucer with the puzzle pieces.
MISSION 4 – BECOME A SUPER PILOTChoose the right shape to help SamSam along his course.
MISSION 5 – EXERCISE YOUR OBSERVATION SKILLSFind the differences between the two images.
MISSION 6 – REPEL YOUR ENEMIESWith your finger, push the Piratrocities into the black hole.
MISSION 7 - IMPROVE YOUR REFLEXESTilt the screen to collect all of the toys.
MISSION 8 – DEVELOP YOUR SUPER MEMORYIdentify who disappears behind the planet in this game of memory.
MISSION 9 – Bonus game– The big galactic combatEliminate all of the monsters to become a real cosmic hero.
SamSam is a character created by Serge Bloch for Red Apple magazine (Pomme d’Api), edited by Bayard.